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All the paper and card we buy is sourced direct from the Mills and we only purchase stocks that are 100% guaranteed to be from well managed and sustainable sources.


Our platemaking systems are ‘Chemistry Free’, meaning they use NO CHEMICALS, producing no harmful waste at all. While this system costs more, we think the small extra charge was worth being able to overnight reduce our chemistry waste to ZERO.


All the inks used in our standard production process are vegetable based.


Our modern presses such as our new state of the art Heidelberg XL106 B1 10 colour press use fully automated wash systems. That means fully controlled waste reduction - there are no oily rags in our print facility.


We prefer to re-use or not use in the first place. - we always try to minimise waste and then recycle. We recycle everything we can: all our waste paper and cuttings are recycled; the pallets the paper arrives on are re-used or recycled. Even the plastic the pallets are wrapped in is stored and recycled. Finally, our aluminium printing plates are also recycled. These are simple and logical steps but the end result is that we re-use or recycle over 80% of our waste.

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